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Since Buyers are searching online for homes, the need for professional quality Real Estate Photos has never been more important.  Good photos will get Buyers into your home.  Photos of a messy or cluttered home will have the opposite effect.  Hiring an experienced Real Estate agent is one of the best things you can do to ensure your home stands out from the competition. Using an inexperienced agent who "snaps a few photos" with their smart phone may not do your home justice.  Preparing your home for a photo shoot takes time, skill and planning.  Before the photos are taken, there are a few things you should do to ensure the best results. This article will provide you with all the information you need to prepare your home for a successful photo shoot.


Getting Started
The more you prepare your home before the photographer arrives, the better the pictures will look. Remember, the photographer is hired to take the photos and make the space look bright and inviting through the camera lens.  It is not their job to clean up the mess.  They can only do so much with a house that is cluttered, dirty or messy.  The better the photographs look, the more your home will show.  More showings may help your home sell faster and for more money. 
The first step is to remove the clutter.  It is always best to clear the clutter out of every room, because a clean space is more appealing.  The goal is to create an open and inviting room which Buyers can imagine themselves living in. If you include too many personal items, such as photos and knickknacks, it becomes more difficult for Buyers to imagine their own items in the room.  Get rid of the distractions and eliminate any clutter that may be present.
Once the clutter is removed, each room should be dusted, vacuumed, swept and mopped (if applicable).  A quick wipe down to “clean” the house isn’t enough.  It is important that all areas are deep-cleaned in order to remove dirt, grime or anything else that might be visible. Be sure to thoroughly clean baseboards, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and air vents.  Don't forget to have the carpets cleaned and windows should be spotless.  If you find you have too much clutter, and you’re “not quite ready” to throw it away, then please move it to a secondary bedroom for the photo shoot.  Clutter may include items such as stacks of papers, boxes, laundry, toys, etc. 


Pets And Children
  Children and pets are an important part of any family; however, they sometimes get in the way during a photo shoot.  Please don’t let the dogs run around in the yard during the photo shoot and indoor animals should be moved out of each room as it is being photographed.  All pet beds, kennels, toys, feeding dishes, etc. should be put away.  Same goes for children’s toys, high chairs, playpens, etc. 


Exterior Preparation

  • No cars in the driveway or in front of the house
  • Landscape should be freshly mowed, edged and trimmed
  • Bushes and plants should be trimmed and manicured
  • Patios and decks should be swept and hosed off
  • Weeds should be pulled and removed
  • Sweep porch and sidewalks
  • Wrap up garden hoses and put them in the garage or shed
  • If you have patio furniture, wipe it down and make sure cushions look clean
  • Put away items such as garden tools, trash cans, toys, pool toys, etc.
  • Remove any dead plants
  • Clean pool (if applicable) Remove pool skimmer for photos.  Turn on water features



  • No dirty dishes in sinks or on countertops
  • Nothing on top of the refrigerator (unless it's decorative items)
  • Remove any magnets, photos or papers from refrigerator
  • Remove visible "child-proof" equipment on cabinets, doors & drawers (for photos)
  • Countertops should be as open as possible.  Remove clutter and small appliances
  • Put away hand and dish soap bottles, detergent, cleaning supplies, sponges, mops, etc.
  • Remove any misc. papers, mail, bills, cell phone cords, laptops, pens, etc.
  • Put away bread, chips, bags, etc. 
  • Clean all appliances, especially cooktops and microwaves.  Clean wall behind stove
  • Remove pet food and water dishes (for photos)
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs


Living And Family Rooms

  • Remove any magazines
  • If you have a nice coffee table book, set it out as decor on the table
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs
  • Put away TV remotes, video game systems, DVD's etc (they should not show in photographs)
  • Remove any toys left out by kids
  • Remove pet beds
  • Straighten couch cushions, pillows, etc.
  • If bookshelves are in the room, take out half of the books and arrange the remaining books in a nice pattern.  Keep the nice hardback and colorful books and hide the paperbacks, etc.
  • Remove playpens, baby swings, high chairs, etc.


Dining Rooms

  • Make sure the dining table is scrubbed and the chairs are arranged neatly around the table
  • You might consider placing a nice centerpiece on the table, such as bowl of fresh fruit or a floral arrangement
  • Don’t leave any leftover plates or dishes on the table, and make sure that the remnants of the previous meal have been cleared away
  • No papers on the table



  • All personal items should be completely out of sight (toothbrushes, hair dryers, dirty clothes, dirty towels, facecloths, shampoo, conditioner, razors, hair clips, etc.)
  • Mirrors, shower stalls, tubs, sinks and countertops should be spotless
  • The garbage cans, bathmats, laundry baskets, extra toilet paper, the toilet brush, and scales should also be moved out of the room
  • Close the toilet lid, and hang fresh towels on the towel rails
  • Remove any baby/child toys from tub and shower
  • Make sure all light bulbs are in working order (above mirror, etc.) 
  • Photos may be taken inside shower.  Please ensure all soaps, shampoos and personal items have been removed



  • Make beds and straighten pillows
  • Remove all personal items from nightstands (i.e. phone chargers, tissue boxes, lip balm, glasses of water, books, jewelry, etc.)
  • It may be tempting to stuff everything under the bed in order to hide the clutter, but the items under the beds can often be viewed in the real estate photos (as well as real estate videos). Instead of trying to hide clothing and toys under the bed, move everything out of the room so that the space is as open as possible
  • Remove clutter, dirty clothes, purses, shoes, stuffed animals, etc.


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