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Tips For Keeping Your Las Vegas Home Safe

Do you own a vacant home in Las Vegas and need to sell?  Are you a real estate investor who is sick and tired of dealing with tenants and looking to cash out?  If so, you need a Broker who will sell your home for top dollar, yet understands how to reduce the risk of vandalism, theft or squatters obtaining access to your property.

The Myers Team specializes in seller representation.  Many of our listings are vacant and owned by out of state investors.  By partnering with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, we have put together a variety of systems that can help protect your home and minimize the chances of it becoming a target for criminals.  Here are some things we recommend to help keep your home safe:


NO YARD SIGNS:  Yard signs don’t sell homes and may actually attract negative attention from criminals.  We certainly don’t want to advertise that your home is vacant or there are new appliances inside. As recommended by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) we discourage the use of For Sale signs on vacant properties.


LOCK THE SIDE GATES:  Most criminals obtain access to vacant homes from backyard windows and doors, so it’s important to lock the side gates.  The Myers Team will provide padlocks for all side gates.  If landscape or pool maintenance crews need access, we will provide this to any vendor approved by you.


KEEP UP THE YARD:  The Myers Team strongly recommends that you maintain the landscape and pool.  An unmowed lawn, weeds or a dirty pool can make your property look as if it’s been abandoned.  This attracts squatters, etc.


PUT THE LIGHTS ON A TIMER:  While your home may be vacant, we recommend putting a few lamps upstairs to make it appear as if someone is living there.  We will gladly place timers on these lights so it looks like someone is home.


USE THE BLINDS:  We recommend keeping the downstairs blinds closed (so that no one can see in) and leaving the upstairs blinds open (so it appears that someone is home).


PROPERTY VISITS:  Our goal is to visit each of our listings twice weekly.  Additionally, we schedule routine inspections to pick up newspapers, random flyers, junk mail left on doors, etc.  We believe that keeping an eye on your property helps minimize foul play.

As a property owner the goal is to attract potential buyers, not criminals. While every effort will be made to ensure the safety of your home, bad things sometimes happen.  When you hire The Myers Team to sell your home, we will do everything in our power to help minimize the risk and keep your home safe. 


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